The number of stored DNA-profiles has exploded in recent years. The DNA-databases of the police throughout Europe are being linked together. Our fundamental right of informational self-determination is in danger.

From its inception in 1998, the DNA-database of the German Federal Police (BKA) has grown constantly. As of late 2010, it already contained 895,941 DNA-Profiles, of which more than 700,000 relate to specific individuals. The remaining profiles are unidentified samples from different origin. Long gone are the days in which only capital offenses such as murder and rape were profiled. DNA-samples are collected whenever the opportunity presents itself. Each month, 8,000 DNA-profiles are added. By 26 August 2011 officials plan to have linked together the DNA-databases of national police forces across all of Europa. By 2014 they plan to have synchronized data with “secure countries” such as the USA and have constructed a transatlantic catalog of „traveling violent offenders“ (Hooligans, Demonstrators, etc.).

We say No! Stop the state’s surveillance mania! Protect basic rights!

We take the federal government at its word:

Stop the „preventive expansion of DNA data-collection“ and the preemptive use of mere „suspicions and of the state apparatus against individuals“.
The Gene-ethical Network (GeN) and the signatories call on you
— to strengthen existing regulations governing police DNA-analysis,
— to prevent DNA-profiles from being stored indefinitely and to delete DNA-data,
— to guarantee independent oversight of police DNA-databases,
— to begin immediately to withdraw from international DNA-data exchange agreements

Stop the police’s DNA collection frenzy!
Oppose the permanent erosion of fundamental rights!
Sign the open letter to the federal government!

Link to the petition and list of signatories (in German)

This campaign was initiated and is being organized by the Gen-ethisches Netzwerk, Berlin (Germany)

Full text of the open letter (pdf)

Full text of the open letter (html)

Campaign Flyer (pdf)